WonderWomen (অগ্রত নারী) is a gender-sensitive entrepreneurship training program designed to empower both women and men with basic numeracy or literacy skills. The program’s primary objective is to tackle the barriers that often hinder women from starting and managing businesses. These barriers include a lack of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, low self-confidence, and gender-specific societal norms and roles that place added burdens on household and caregiving responsibilities. WonderWomen (অগ্রত নারী) plays a crucial role in bridging the gender gap in entrepreneurship support by providing participants with essential business management and soft skills required to launch successful businesses. Initially developed to address the specific needs of women, this program has evolved to cater to the broader entrepreneurial community.

What Makes WonderWomen (অগ্রত নারী) Unique?

WonderWomen (Agroto Nari) distinguishes itself from traditional business training programs by approaching entrepreneurial skill development from a gender perspective. The Program is not just a training workshop, it also offer post-training support, coaching, and enhanced participant experiences:

  • Flexibility: The WonderWomen (Agroto Nari) training workshop spans five training days, which can be scheduled over one week or distributed over three months for maximum flexibility.
  • Active Learning: Interactive and hands-on activities encourage participants to draw from their personal experiences and learn from their peers.
  • Personal Post-Training Support: Post-training activities, including “homework” and coaching, assist participants in applying their newfound knowledge and skills, ensuring the sustainability of their entrepreneurship journey. Peer-to-peer support networks have also been established in some cases.
  • Evolutionary Process: The training begins with entrepreneurs developing a business idea and guides them in creating a robust and viable business plan. It culminates in participants being able to confidently pitch their business idea.
  • Gender Dimensions: Trainings raise awareness about gender dynamics that impact business development and the ability of women to lead successful enterprises.
  • Open to All: Originally designed for women, WonderWomen (Agroto Nari) is now open to both women and men and has been effectively implemented in mixed-gender groups, as well as groups with diverse skills and literacy levels.

The Wonder Women Program embraces WonderWomen (অগ্রত নারী)’s principles to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in entrepreneurship, regardless of gender or background.